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Jelousy with other girls around your boyfriend??
When your in a relationship with someone you really like and want to be in it for the long ter, then you obviously going to be cautious of other girls trying to get thier hands on him for example; my boyfriend has just started uni about an hours drive away and I only see him at weekends. Thinking about what he could be getting upto can make you crazy with jelousy however trust is an essential element in any relationship and I trust him but sometimes when he talks to other girls in inappropiate ways and jokes around rating girls in the street with his single mates, even the little things can wind people up and slowly destroy a relationship so the tip im giving is that if you know you would never do anything wrong, dont. And if your boyfriend cheats or does something really bad then all you should do is nothing because if you dont go crazy with jelousy he cant blame you in anyway for anything. Even if hes driving you crazy and your jelous of other girls make sure you stay calm because if you don't he will have something agaist you and may slowly drive him away. I hope my advise helps.

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