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make love to her with out her noticing
always...i mean ALWAYS!...if you are going out with a girl and you fancie some one else say 'babe we need to talk' then she get worried...give her all these (fake) small things that dont really annoy you but say they do.then she is going to feel upset and do anything to get you back! (if she dont she dont love you,sorry for you man) So because she is at a vunrable state she wil start doin anything then,,,start kissing her then you it..evan if she dont like it she will do it to keep you!then you have the pleasure of making love. The next day ring her and say.. 'babes im sorry for last night i go carried away...i cant be trusted with a girl like you,your to pretty,i mean here i am trying to brake up with you and the next thing is im making out with you!we are not right i cant!'let her give you her reasons then say i have to go bye! now you have had the pleasure of doing it then,,get the girl of you rdreams

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