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Always have a plan...
In my past and current experieneces with long distance...( and mine ARE with success my ex wife was a long distance, and it was not the distance that ended our marriage...) I find that having a 'plan' is always the best way to establish strength in the confusing and difficult time that long distant soulmates must be away. For example... Plan your times and keep to them.. If you are to meet online, or on the phone, or anywhere, make certain you plan it and stick with it... It shows respect and love when one stays with a promise. And, if plans change, commucnicate this right away. It is inevitable that plans will change at times... It happens all the time with time zones being different, work schedules changing, life occurances etc... But, communicating these things helps to show how much you really care about this relationship. Also, plan your meetings ahead of time... HOPE, PATIENCE, TRUST, and BRAVERY are some of your best tools to use in your relationship. HOPE is gathered when you know that he/she is coming to you or you are going to him/her. PATIENCE this is necessary on both sides... believe me.. I have been though an impatient long distance... It is not fun... At, times you have to let your long distance partner handle lifes issues... So, let it be... and, TRUST; This is the next part... TRUST this is not only a key factor for any relationship, it will not work at all in a long distance if this is not established quickly and kept as sacred as possible. I have had past long distance that have cheated, all I can say to this is that the truth always comes out. So, lying even if people think that it is easy to hide online or on the phone, does not always hide the illusion... And, believe me.. call me intuitive or whatever... she was amazed when I knew... The most important part though is BRAVERY.... Doing this takes so much courage... To build something with someone so far, and, to share so much on something that may or may not work... You have to be alert and awake always keeping promises and go on in the face of adversity... My current long distance love, both her and my families and friends know about us... and, we are lucky to have the support we need from the people we care about... But, there are always skeptics and people that either don't understand or are too pragmatic to find that true love has no boundaries... For my love now.... I have never felt the way I do about anyone ever in my life... So,my bravery level is beyond anything... I really only care about what I do.. not what others opinions are... So, good luck to all... know that one more man out here truly believes in the efforts and rewards of long distance... By, the way.. the letter writing is the most important... It keeps you real...

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