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The Worst has Happened
Usually when you suspect your partner is cheating, you spin out these wild worst case scenarios of your partner running off with a sexy, handsome person to some tropical island and leaving you all alone. And then it happened - you actually find out that your partner DID cheat. But your partner is here with you still, trying to make things work. So in a way (perhaps a twisted way, true) this is a GOOD thing. You actually did face that brick wall - and the two of you made it through it. It didn't destroy the relationship in such a way that you were left all alone, with your partner off abandoning you without a backwards glance. Yes, things are bad. Read through history books to see how common these sorts of 'bumps' are in relationships. But the strongest relationships are the ones that rebuild, regroup, and realize now just how good things were. Sometimes it takes the real risk of loss of something to realize just how valuable it was. Maybe this was the wake-up call you BOTH needed to really build the best relationship you could ever have.

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