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im in the game
when i was 16 i met this 9 yr old girl and she was kool, i got along with her very well. i developed strong feelings for her as time went by.ever since i liked her, i didnt really give any girls at high school as much attention as i normally currently 19 and shes almost 12.until a few days ago i havent heard from her for a year since she moved:((i still loved her) turns out she still feels the same too:D.if i can wait all these next 6 years then our relationship will definetly have a strong foundation. im willing to wait since this seems like a once in a lifetime chance and i love her so much.i still dont mess around with other girls even though my friends always pressure me to 'get laid' and always try to make me doubt this whole situation.sometimes i do doubt if she even thinks about me but a few days ago she got rid of my doubts.dont get the wrong idea, we never had a physically sexual moment together because that would adultrize the relationship and pervert's almost impossible to contact her but i still have faith in this and hopefully these long years wont be a sad waste of my youth.its a choice i made and im sticking with it,all i can do is hope for the same from her.

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