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Cheater Always A Cheater
I meant a man ten months ago. I thought he was the perfect person for me. We were always together and he would call me on the phone to ask what I was doing. I thought he was doing this because he truly loved me from the bottom of his heart. Later on I started feeling smothered because he wanted to be with me all the time and I stopped doing the things I enjoyed doing in my life. When I told him I felt like I was being smothered he would accuse me of possibly cheating on him and maybe I was seeing someone else. He was the second relationship I had ever had besides my ex-husband who I was with for eleven years. Our divorce hurt so much that I closed myself up from having another relationship for ten years. I took another chance and just today he confessed that he had another woman stay with him last night. I was so hurt, sad, and angry at him for cheating on me. He tried to stop me from leaving and he started crying saying that he was sorry. He said that he still loves me. I have heard to many sorrys from him to last me a life time. Love is only a word and his actions spoke louder than the word love. I have made up my mind not to go back to him. I will hurt for awhile but I know that I will get over it with time. He ruined my love and my trust and there is no way to ever get it back. Personally when someone cheats he or she will do it again. So if you get cheated on have the strength to move on with your life and someday you will fine the one and only person who will treat you right.

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