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This is my personal favorite scenario to pull. When you're with your girl and feeling like some lovin... Slowly go up to her and pick her up. Gently carry her somewhere such as a bed or couch. Lay her down carefully and slowly get on top of her. Don't try to get right to it just yet, play around a little first. Just sit on top of her for a moment and flirt. Make sure you're more on her waist than her stomach though, as this will make it easier for her to breathe. Pin her wrists down, tickle her, blow in her face, rub behind her ear, mess with her hair, tell her she's so cute when she's helpless. Just do whatever it takes to get her into the mood. Then when you're ready, slowly lean over so you're more in a laying position than the previous sitting one. Softly kiss her lips (no tongue just yet) and place your hands on her neck, face, shoulders, or where ever you find it most comfortable. Continure to rub and kiss her for about a minute, then move on to some more serious stuff. Carefully ease your tongure into her mouth and start frenching, while continuing to rub her gently. Then after another moment or two, start seductivly..... Well I think you get the idea by now. And remember, the most important thing is to not hurt her. Be very soft and gentle, but still a bit firm and controlling. Anyway, have a good time!!

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