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My Vision Of Love
Everyone has their own way of explaining what love is. But you can't really know unless you are actually in love. Some people say how are they meant to know if they're in love if they don't even know what it is. But I think you can't really say what Love is without experiencing it. Some people have good, others have bad visions depending on their experiance with love. My vision is. . . I'm with love and I know that coz. . . - i wanna see him all the time - i wanna be with him all the time - even the littlest thing about him makes me happy - I've never felt more comfortable talking to noone except for him - i get butterflies when i'm around him and even when i'mn thinking of him - he makes me want to do things i know i can't do - i love him and everyone and everything is against that, but i don't really care now - he makes me jealous when he's talking to other girls but if I don't get him, I will always be happy with whoever's with long as he's happy - he's all I can think about - he's even in my dreams

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