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My Life Has Fallen Apart
I may be only 15 but i have still already been in love and had my heart broken. Me and my boyfriend were together for just over 3 months, we were great and we were makin plans 4 the future and everything but suddenly he just started makin me feel guilty 4 little things i had done. he stopped showing me affection at school and wud ignore me totally if he was with his m8s. He dumped me just over 2 weeks ago and is still makin out that it was my fault he dumped me and is stil makin me feel guilty. I have 2 c him 5 days a week and it really hurts that he makes me feel so bad. Even though hes doin this 2 me, i stil love him so much and even though he knows that he dont care. he used 2 b the sweetest guy in the world but now hes so moody and angry that i cant cope. I no wot hes really like and without me in his life he has changed. I need help to get him back and make both of our lives better? Any ideas ne1 xxx

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