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If you want your ex girlfriend back...
If you want your ex back then you know how it feel...n how they feel. YOu want to forget everything and just start over right. My ex and i have been broken up for almost a month...n for me....its hell. She seems like shes doing fine and 'moving' on...but when i talk to her she says she still loves me and wants to get back with me...shes just needs time...Guys....if your ex-gf says this.but at the same time it seems liek at school or out of school she forgot aobut you or its liek in the day its her friends guys n girls then at night she has time to talk to you..its hard...really hard...but you need to find a way to keep yourself busy n not thinking about her...its impossible to forget cant happen..but even two minutes of thinkin about nothing will when she says...(I Just need time to build up trust, rspect, love, wat ever it is...take her word for it...but dont stop talking to her...keep in touch and tell her that you still care...(not those exact words but about her, eyes...etc....wat ever you love about your ex..tell her...Give her the space she wants...let her hear n see you talking to your friends n actullay giving her space...she say...Hmmmm...maybe he is serious...he really wants me back...But number 1 thing...Never..NEVER stop talking to them....dont lose touch...they want you to call then...IM then...text them..but you need to be strong at not get to carried away..'Annoying'...So if you want your ex back...give them the space they need...butdont lose eachother as friends..tell them how much you still car about them...write letters n poems...'more letters then poems' and every now and then...tell pull them to the side and are my world n you me so much to me..i love you...'or if thats to strong' say smthin in the field mean so much to me...let me prove it..or..i want you..need you..and most importantly love who you are. Know that it will be ok tho...not matter what happens..even if it doesnt work out...NEVER LOSE them...say hey..etc...that wat will smack them in the face one day and make them really do mean it.

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