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your first make out session!!!!
my first was as a freshman in high school with a senior... so ya, it was diffrent... so tips for those guys.... hold her tenderly and dont let you mind wander to sex....if you love her youll wait and shell tell you when shes ready.... kiss her softly slowly first then a slowly grow faster... let her advance it...and if when you pull away she stares at you wantingly, go back to her and give her more. keep going until someone bangs on the door (dont ask) or until your both gasping for air....(smiles devilishly) tips for those girls.... let them make the first them half way full of passion and want in you lips.... show them how much you love them.... an if you...YOU...want to continue it...take the leap of faith and lick his lips....if he takes to hit and goes back at you, take it in your mouth and explore eachother... make it interesting and dont forget to carress eachother... do to him what you think would feel good...

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