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y brake da heart dat truly loves you
their iz diz boy i luv so much.i cant thinking about him when i do ites all day everday. i cry when sumone talks about him or when i talk about him. like ma friends tell me 2 move on but i cant i dont know how.when i am doin sumthing he thinks i am doin sumthing else i dont know y he did it but i just want him 2 know how i feel and how much i luv i can write how i feel but i cant tell him b/c i dont know wat he iz goin 2 say 2 me or wat he iz goin 2 do.i never luved sumone as much i luv him.yea yea i thought i luv diz boy but when i think about it i luv diz boy more then everthing in da world.if u dont know wat i am sayin it iz like diz boy i went wit i was think i luved him i did not really now wat luv was nutell i meet dee. so gurls tell me was ^. tell me wat should i do. by jessiepoo {jessica b}

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