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Orlando Bloom - Legolas
Have you ever thought about WHY Legolas / Orlando Bloom was such a huge hit with teen girls? It's not his good looks - lots of pretty boys have come and gone. It is the combination of loyalty, dependability and safety that appeals. First, think of the things he says in the movie. His very first words are to stand up for his friend Aragorn. He later defends Gimli, even risking his own life to do so. He doesn't go off chasing women, he focusses on the task at hand. He has a sense of humor, but he's not flashy. Perhaps most importantly, he is very *safe*. He's not a guy that would paw at a girl or push her into things. He is a gentleman. He would listen to her stories, tell her jokes, and always be there if she needed him. Usually girls dream about seducing HIM - but they know that they could set the pace. Legolas would always understand if they were shy or hesitant. So the lesson here is to be loyal, be someone that sticks up for friends and who can be counted on in emergencies. Be the person the girl can tell her deepest secrets to and know they will not be spread around.

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