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Written By A 15 Year Old Male...
First off, I would like to say that these tips helped a lot... I could already picture my girlfriend and I kissing many different ways... Right. Well, when my girl kisses me, we're usually cuddling in a dim-lit basement... She usually turns herself around and looks me in the eyes, and she slowly moves closer to me. I can't resist when she gets REAL close. That's when I close my eyes and move in. Starting with pecking, and then gradually move our faces closer, so the kiss becomes really tight and powerful. Eventually, one will start to open for a better kiss (this feels GREAT with the right amount of lipgloss). We usually go on for like five minutes, until we move our heads slowly away, as though teasing each other. That's when the lips are just kissing, but softly, and with extreme passion (you should already feel weakness of SOME sort). Then, we slowly work into a french kiss. I usually end this by withdrawing my head slightly, and inhaling (as my breath is like, gone). But... That's I as an individual... Try experimenting in different ways... I know I do most of the time. =)

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