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The One
The One What happens when your life seems In an endless spiral With no end in site With each passing day You lose hope that sheís out there Just waiting for you You lose that hope and when it all seems hopeless You donít know why Youíre drawn to her There she is sitting alone And you donít know why But you get up and go over The moment she speaks You feel something inside of you A feeling that you canít let go Something telling you Thatís her sheís the one Donít screw this up Sheís the one who you dream about every night So donít screw this up She could change your life forever The feeling that bubbles up inside you Canít be described You just know that this moment Is the moment youíve been waiting for Waiting for, waiting for your whole life You finally found the one The one who completes you And when the day ends You ask yourself Will I ever see her again Can you really leap past all the boundaries Boundaries youíve set up When now all you want to do is knock them down So you donít sit up at night wondering Wondering when you would see her again Asking was this a dream Or was it real For the feeling felt Was like nothing you had ever felt before The unnatural desire to see her To tell her what you so badly want to Yet you only met her once The feeling of connection Was so great that you could not understand You could only think of one reason One reason why you had such a strong connection You could only think that she was the one The one you were waiting for You had lived your life waiting Waiting for this moment To finally meet the one Meet the one who would complete you Yet you didnít know if you were ever going to see her again You toss and turn at night Waiting for the day you will meet Meet again and finally let her see What she did for you For you finally found the one The one who completed you Yet you didnít know if she would even Even remember who you were Yet you know that she is the one The one who can complete you So what do you do When you donít even know If you will ever see her again What do you do Do you sit back Or do you search For the one What do you do When youíve never felt this way before What do you when you meet a person once And feel as is youíve know them your whole life What do you do When you have found the one and you donít know Donít know if youíll ever see her again What do you do When she is the one The one who completes you And you donít know if youíll ever see her See her again

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