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Once in a Lifetime?
Seeing as this is a tip column, my tip for whoever reads this is to never lose yourself in a relationship. I loved my best friend for 4 years before we even dated (we were eventually engaged and things didn't work out) and the time I spent pining over him, I also spent molding myself into the type of person I thought he wanted me to be. Once I had decided that my efforts were pointless and I moved on, he realized that he was losing an opportunity to have something great (not to sound conceited). He told me that he had fallen in love with me and as much as I wanted to tell him I was over him, I couldn't. I would've always wondered what might have been .. and now I know. Once he and I broke up, I found myself. I took every lesson, big and small, from that relationship and applied them to my life. Am I in love again? Not yet .. but who's to say that you only get one shot at true love? I don't believe that for a second. Care enough about yourself and others to be who you really are because the one for you will love you for your natural beauty (everyone is beautiful to someone!).

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