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Don't be 'friendly' with an ex
NEVER, under any circumstances, be friendly with an ex. Nothing good will come of it. One time i gave my exboyfriend a good-bye kiss ON THE CHEECK and a girl saw and ran and told my boyfriend. The story got all twisted around (like always) and he was told that i amde out with my ex which was complete BS! As a result, I didn't break up with my boyfriend and he didn't break up with me, we just both knew that it was over. I was told later on that i had really hurt him and that while he was talking about the subject, he was 'glassy-eyed.' UHH I wanted to kill that girl that told him those lies. I loved and still love him very much but he doesn't trust me now so we can't be together. So if you really love the one you're with, then do not be 'friendly' with an could ruin your life

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