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Tellin' it like it is [How to dress]
Personally, I don't think you should go 'all out' to impress a guy because,if you do, your going to have to keep up the charade just to keep your dude with you. Guys aren't worth spending $200 dollars on something your only going to where a few times. Besides, guys don't like it when you try to impress them ALL the time, because then you seem too needy, and the guy will think 'Oh. My.Gosh. If I get in a relationship with her she's going to be a jealous girlfriend, and call me all the time' (The mental image that the guy thinks of is this: (answering machine) You: Hey [insert name] Why didn't you call me yesterday? (beep) You: Haha. Yeah it's real funny [insert name] I KNOW you're there. Call me back,k? You: IM SERIOUS CALL ME BACK! (beep) You:You're cheating on me AREN'T YOU!?!?!? (beep) Guy: -Hears a knock at the door and answers it, only to find you on outside his door holding a butcher knife!- ) So if you want to look nice for a guy, be yourself. Wear blue-jeans (If you like them) and a plain top. Wear a couple of bracelets, and fruity perfume. If you like glitter and glam, wear your favorite sparkle top, and put on a light contrast-tone jacket (too tone done the shiny just a bit) If you want the dude to drool all over you where a short skirt or shorts, instead of regular blue jeans. Avoid wearing tube tops with a short skirt/short! That makes you look ho-ish. I suggest wearing long sleeves at ALL TIMES if your going to wear a mini skirt/short. You are allowed to wear a sheer/or mesh long sleeved shirt over a tank top, or tube top. :D You're prepared now! Knock him dead XD

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