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Mami and Papi
My beau calls me Mami and I call him Papi. I have no idea how they came about. I think one day when we first started dating (and I was feeling the butterflies pretty hard), he called and I answered the phone,beaming, and screamed 'Hey Papi!'. He answered me with 'Hey my Mami' with an obvious smile on his face. I really have no idea what led me to call him that. No, neither of us are Puerto Rican or of ANY Latin American or Spanish descent (I'm actually Black and he's White). Maybe it's a less perverted version of 'Daddy' so I just took the bate. I dunno. But the pet names are cute. Whenever we have an argument, the person calling a truce will call out the pet name and it's like a breath of fresh air - we calm down and stop yellig. I don't care if I just drowned his best friend, as soon as I say 'I'm sorry Papi' and bat my eyelashes, those baby blue eyes of his soften and he stops being mad at me. The same when he apologizes, calls me Mami, and kisses me on the forehead. I melt! I'm a sucker, and whatever he did is forgiven (and almost ALWAYS forgotten). When we're sharing a kiss in public and he goes 'I love you, Mami' and I respond with 'I love you too, Papi' it just makes time stop. And apparently, it makes time stop for other people, too because people we didn't know were watching interrupt our kiss (some are polite enough to wait until we're done) to tell us that we're an adorable coule - or that we make them sick :) I don't know what it is about the pet names, but they bring a bond to a relationship. They're like base when you're playing hide and seek. The pet name is like a truce whenever you're disagreeing. They don't work if you force them, but if the two of you BOTH pick up on one for the other, it makes the bond so much stronger. I reccommend that every couple have pet names!!!!

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