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When you love someone
When you love someone, feel their body next to you at night, cuddle. When they leave what would you do just to see them again, just to kiss them just to hold them again. When you feel that you need to see them again and you cant what would you do? Me? I would try to reach them in thier dreams, Reach farther than the stars just to touch thier lips, hold thier hand. Just to listen to your voice again would be hearing the voice of an angel. To hold your hand once more would be like walking down the beach with you, laying down a blanket and watching the sun set on the crimson horizon. A tight hug to your abdomen, and squeeze your body towards mine would make a dream feel real. At night when you lay on my chest and desperatly try to get my foot on top of yours while you try the same, the feeling would make a horror movie feel comfortable. When you leave try to think of all the good, kick the bad away and remember that deep down no matter how much it hurts at first, in the end you always remember walking down the beach holding hands, falling into his arms, looking deep into his sunlit eyes and saying with an easy yet tense voice, 'I love you. More than anything in the world.' By: Me of course(Jake)

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