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Don't Ever Be Drunk, i mean Super Drunk!!!
YA'LL, If the girl ur flirting with, and already been her friend. In a party for example... that's the best time u'll want to drink, but don't be soo drunk, cuz u might do something bad to the girl u like... Cuz it happend to me AT MY WORK'S CHRISTMAS PARTY! b4 and 2 of my managethat, couple of my co-workers rs went to my house and drink, but me i like to be drunk in party. So when we arrive at my work's party, we had a dance, and saw my crush. I 'acted normal' so she wouldn't notice i was drunk, but later on she found out... neways while she was standing solo, i started touching her everywhere and did more bad stuff... and later on i lost her and got fired... my worst/embarasing night ever. sry for my life story.

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