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If they cheat, they don't love you.
I was in a four year relationship with a gut who I loved immensely. He cheated on me and still he doesn't know why. He feels nothing but guilt and we have since broken up completely. He says he wants to sort himself out and he wants to love me but he just doesn't feel anything. Looking back I can see now that he never loved me and I was being strung along cos he couldn't let me go as he knew how good the realtionship was. In the end the lack of emotions lead to him trying to feel something by cheating. If he had talked to me about his emotions previously perhaps something could have worked out. But for now I want nothing to do with him as I still love him and cannot stick around to be hurt time and time again. Cheating just doesn't happen. If it happens in your relationship you must find the reason before continuing the relationship or else it will be a lie. Sometimes you need to let go and move on. Itss what I had to do fo me.

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