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the softest kiss
One of the most loving and intimate kisses, regardless of where you are or what else your doing (o.O). It's deffinatly one of the most sinceare and most in the moment kisses there are. It doesn't matter how you approach your man/girl (girls, this works especialy well for us, as it shows femninity and tenderness, which guys flip for) as long as it's fitting for the moment. (ie. the throws of passion might be better suited for more adventurous kisses.) but for the most part, if you're looking into eachothers eyes for more than a few seconds it fits well. Very gently rest your hand on the back of his/her head and let your other hand slide to his/her side/waist. (this works best if you're both lying on your sides) very slowly and very sincearly begin to kiss him/her letting each small kiss last for a while before moving your mouth. very lightyly flicking the tip of your tounge along his/her lips is a nice touch as well. For the most part this kiss is simply extreamly slow and gentle. It also shows him/her that you care enough to slow down and just be near them.

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