The Cuddle Sutra

The world is certainly full of sex books. It seems that you can't talk about connecting with a person physically without it meaning sex. That's really sad! Some of the most powerful touches are NOT sexual. They are the holding of a hand as you walk down a tree-lined path ... they are curling up together on the couch to watch a romantic movie. The feeling that rushes through you when you run into your lover's arms after a long absence is one of the ultimate sensations in the world. Sex comes in a feeble second!

I am just SO glad that The Cuddle Sutra helps to encourage people to rediscover this lost art. From the moment we are born we want to be held. Infants relish being snuggled in their parents' arms. Teens love to snuggle. Where do we lose track of just how powerful snuggling and cuddling can be? If anything is worthy of a book, cuddling is.

There are cuddles of all levels in here. Let's start with the public cuddles. The book gives you a variety of choices. I love the pinkie clasp; we actually do this sometimes and it's delicate and powerful at the same time. There are the hands-in-back-pockets, the side by side, the full body press. The illustrations help you see and understand how snuggly each position is.

How about when you're hanging out with your lover on the couch? There are numerous options for reading, watching TV, or just hanging out. There's the position where you sit on either end, twining your legs and massaging the toes. How about where one person stretches down the length of the couch, and the second snuggles in against their chest? There are numerous options explained, each more comfortable than the previous.

Finally, there are cuddles meant for people who do share a bed. I don't mean that in a sexual way - but the cuddles are meant for both people to be able to sprawl a bit. You could do them on a picnic blanket out in the park, or on the floor of the rec room while you lay out to watch a movie. There are the classic ones, where you spoon up against each other to stay warm, and the comfy ones, where you lay your head on your partner's tummy as a pillow.

If I have any complaint with the book, it's that it starts with the in-bed positions right off. That is going to discourage the MANY people out there who are not living with their partners. You want to start subtle, with the walking cuddles and the couch cuddles. You work your way up to the full body cuddle.

So I highly recommend that any person who wants a vibrant relationship get this book - but start from the BACK. Tune up your snuggling as you walk, your subtle touches. Then nuzzle a bit on the couch or at the movie. This is about intimacy of the purest, most wonderful kind. It is about rekindling the human touch that we all crave.

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