Rekindling Romance for Dummies

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is probably THE best known person today when it comes to knowledge about sex. She´s down to earth, funny, and helps you feel that YOU TOO can have success if you just try, explore, and trust in yourself. She brings the same attitude to this book about keeping relationships alive, and it works wonderfully.

The book is full of easy to understand, easy to implement, practical advice. There are sections on how to argue less often ... ideas on introducing Romance to your lives ... renewing the respect you have for each other ... how to feel attractive and worthy ... and much, much more.

Simple graphics point out where they key tips are, and real-life examples help explain how some ´theories´ would work in your relationship. It discusses difficult situations and solutions to them. It helps you plan romantic getaways, and even lists websites for you to visit!

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to add a little more interest into their relationship.

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