Review: The Complete Idiotīs Guide to a Healthy Relationship

Iīm sad that they called this an "Idiotīs Book" because it makes it seem like the information in here is very low-level. Itīs actually incredibly helpful for all levels of couples - from those who have never dated anyone else before to those who have dated quite a bit but now want to learn more about their relationship.

There are chapters on everything in here - cheating on the internet, the way you deal with your partnerīs parents, dealing with losses, your arguing styles, how you criticize each other, working through sexual incompatabilities, you name it. I canīt imagine any couple that couldnīt learn a few things by reading through this. Even if one partner reads it and then talks to the other about the key topics, itīll help a relationship shake out the kinks.

Highly recommended.

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