How Can You Tell If You´re Really In Love

This book is really about finding your OWN center in life - knowing what you enjoy in life, what you want from a partner, and that you deserve to be happy and with someone that makes you happy. It then helps you look at the relationship you´re in, and with open eyes determine if it´s a healthy one for you.

The book isn´t wishy-washy about this. He says quite openly, "By the way, about the dumbest thing anyone can do is to marry for sex. If sex is the only thing to look forward to in a marriage, don´t marry at all. It´s not worth it." That´s the tone of a lot of the book - common sense. Don´t put up with someone that enjoys insulting you. Don´t confuse that rush of hormones in the first few weeks of dating as "true love which will last forever". With his years of experience, he helps you see common mistakes people make, and how to get through them.

He points out that too many of us are raised on quick-fixes these days. Magazines talk about the "27 signs you´re in love" - featuring things like "you read his horoscope". People break off relationships as soon as they get the slightest bit difficult. He instead talks about the ways you really can know if the relationship is good for you, and that it´s worth working on and getting to last.

Like all books, not every suggestion applies to every person, or to every situation. However, if you´re able to read this with an open mind, and accept that your own perceptions might be causing some of the problems in your relationship, he´ll help you find ways to change and grow into a more healthy situation.

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