2002 Ways To Say I Love You

99% of the tips are one liners, many are 5 words or less. Things like ´learn to waltz´ or ´share your fantasies´ are very common. It´s definitely valuable to just read through casually and see if anything stands out, but most of it is so pedestrian as to be completely silly.

We spent three entire meals when we first got the book sitting around the table with our 12 year old son, reading the various tips aloud to each other. At one point we were laughing so hard at the thought that these were "helpful tips" that my son snorted milk out his nose! C´mon, tips to share your umbrella when it´s raining? What, you´re going to let your girlfriend or boyfriend get soaking while you huddle under your own? Tips to let your lover in when he´s locked outside?? Yikes :)

At least 20% of the tips seemed to do with speaking in a "romantic" French accent, giving breakfast in bed, giving flowers or saving flowers, and love notes. We decided that if you gave your true love a breakfast in bed with a rose on the tray, a love note by the rose, and spoke to her in a French accent that it would just overwhelm her and she´d faint dead away :)

A fun book to have around, but not terribly helpful for practical advice.

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