101 Ways to Flirt

This book is definitely a quick read - it´s small format, only 101 items in it, and each gets a paragraph or two of copy. None of the ideas presented are of mind-boggling compexity.

One tip is to whisper to someone at the library. Another is to only *glance* at your flirtee instead of staring at them. Yet another is to watch body language - watch to see if the person you´re talking to is sitting stiffly with arms crossed. Hopefully most people who talk to other people have figured some of this stuff out :)

Still, there are good tips hidden in here. For example, when a man is flirting with a woman at a party and they are walking along, the man can gently take the arm of the woman to help guide her through the crowd. This is sort of a ´here, I´ll help you out´ and also a ´I´m interested in you´ combo move which I always find quite appealing.

It gives tips about how to talk with the person you´re flirting with - asking open ended questions that need more than a yes/no answer. Discussing things in a way that you only say a sentence or two yourself, so that the other person is drawn into the conversation.

It even gives a few tips on breaking up or opting out of a situation cleanly, if you end up with someone that you decide isn´t quite right for you.

While this isn´t an in depth study of relationships, and definitely not a guide to dating or marriage, it certainly offers decent tips on how to become an accomplished flirt. Check it out, and see if you learn a thing or two!

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