1001 Ways to Be Romantic

First off, it's important to realize this is a reference tome. You really don't sit down and read through the 1,001 suggestions one after another, like reading a novel! This book is nicely broken up into sections. If you need an idea for a romantic movie, you flip to that section. If it's ideas for a special night out, you go to that section. This is the perfect book to leave in the bathroom or by the bed, to skim through when you have a few minutes.

In any list this large, there are going to be a number of ideas that some poeple say "That's obvious! Why put it into a book!" However, I have many lists like this on my website and I can prove from experience that every item one person says "everybody knows that!" to - another person writes to say "that idea was brilliant!" It is the way of the world. Everybody has somthing to learn.

So, what do YOU stand to learn from this book? Every section will undoubtedly hold something new. There are tons of movie ideas. tons of song ideas for playlists. Tons of quotes for cards, sayings for toasts. Tons of websites to visit to buy flowers, chocolates, paintings, clothing, you name it. There are ideas to discuss with your romantic partner. Places for you to go. There are tons of ideas that cost money - but also tons of ideas that are completely free.

Do I find some of the ideas silly? Sure. One of the tips talks about a guy bringing his wife a cup of tea every night in bed - *whether she wants one or not* (italics theirs). That doesn't sound romantic to me, it sounds controlling!

Still, that was just one part of one tip. Unlike some books that count every single line as a separate tip, this one has a list of 128 items to know as "just one item". It even has a bonus section in the center with more items for you to read.

So again, you come back to the "silly" idea. Who needs a giant book of romantic ideas? Well, if you are creative and spontaneous, and every day is full of romance, then you probably don't need this book. That's fine! But for many people, they do NOT have romantic ideas sprouting out of their ears. They honestly get stuck and need help. Those people are who this book was written for, and it is VERY helpful.

Even for those people, will every single tip be meaningful? Probably not. Some tips appeal to planners, some appeal to those who want an idea "for right now". But again, with so many tips in here, that is both expected and quite fine.

The best way to use this book is as a team. Get one color highlighter for one person, and a different color highlighter for the other. Go through the book at your leisure and highlight your favorite items. That way when you skim the book looking for inspiration, not only do you get ideas, but you get ideas you KNOW your partner really is interested in.

This is one of those books that you use for years and years to add a spark into your life. Every relationship can grow and improve. Every relationship SHOULD be worked on daily to be its best. I really do feel this book can help you do it, if you're seeking ideas.

Good luck!

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