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My message to a younger me and even a younger you

My message to a younger me and even a younger you, is.....
There are things in our culture that we have been innundated with that make us, as women believe that we have to settle for a certian level of degradation. We have learned not to hold men too accountable and that a certain amount of looking at other females is really just a given.. What I am here to STRESS to these young women that I see letters from saying how a man is carring on with or even stating you that someone is "hot", or whatever they may say... Is that these men are not worth the time it took to post here.. I am saying from personal experince there are men out there who have been taught how a real MAN is supposed to act and its not like that.. I spent 10 years of my life with a man who was a good provider, he never cheated, but got around that by reading magazines or just looking at other women.. I was under the impression that since he wasn't actually CHEATING he wasn't doing anything too too bad.. It hurts to have the person you love proclaim that there is something out there that is more exciting than you (or hotter). But, when it came down to it, I fianlly got tired of being compared to an unobtainable appearance and was afraid my daughter would grow up with a weird interpretation of how a woman should look or act, I divorced him... The reason I am even writing this is to say... If a man does that, don't waste 10 years, like I did... I have been in a fantastic realtionship with a wonderful man, now for 4 years and hear every day how happy he is to be with me, the differance is like night and day.. Good men are out there, we just need to stop wasting so much time with the ones whom we want to reform... It will never happen, they do NOT change... Just think about it, and decide what you want in your future there is great love to experience, you have to be open to it...


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