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Treat him nice

If i could write a message to a younger me it would say first i make sure i knew it was me by saying check wash the jacket he gave me and you sleep with it everynight. Then i would tell myself to give robert a chance like a did but don't ever bring up another boys name and don't ask him out the first night you talk! BIG DUMMY. He'll ask you out at the mall and you say yes cause you think he's your best friend. You are the cutest couple at school but you like to hit him and abuse his love for you too much. STOP!!! He loves you and your taking advantage of this. You will last for three months and six day then hes gonna get fed up with the fighting and drama you cause and leave you cause his friends also think your a bitch! So go to his house, eat lunch with him. Do more things he likes to do, don't rush him with anything and don't bragg to your friends what happens between you guys stays between you guys. Don't be fooled he's nice but if you keep pushing it you will see the real robert so be wise and kind.


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