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The one you're with

So i was going out with this amazing girl. I don't really know what happened, but i met this other girl. She was cute so i was like damn, i'll break up with the chick i got now. I thought she wouldn't care anyways because she could get pretty much any other guy. So i texted her (lame) and told her that we needed to talk. Ahhhhh, this went over really fast. She knew what was coming. I never talked to her for the longest time. I dumped the other girl, and i remembered Kenzie. So i started talkign to her again, but this time it didn't go as i wanted it to. She knew what was coming. So after all that, i regret it so much. When you meet someone special do not give them up for anything. Now i'm sitting here talking on the phone with her. In silence because she barely wants to talk to me. It makes me want to cry how sorry i am. I just want to shout it to her, get it thru her head. I don't know what to do anymore. Oh life can be a bitch. So i beg you, stay with the one your with, or you'll regret it so so so much.


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