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I always will

Dear Mr. G,

I love you. Some odd way the first time I saw you considering all circumstances, I fell for you.

Although, I will will always LOVE YOU, want you to be the ONE.
To be the ONE I should be with... You're not here. So, I will always LOVE YOU. But I can forget you. I have forgotten you, but I still love you. Know it sounds crazy. Know it certainly doesn't make sense. But I think if you were ever to read this, you'd know what I mean. I knew we had a connection.

So, if you are not too into yourself to read this one day. Then maybe you'll just know someone in this cold bullshitted world we live in...., someone out there loves you.

I'm not going to try anymore. You were a gain. Always will be. Only because I fell for you... Only because I love you. But I DON'T NEED YOU. That's the difference.

Do I want you in my life? Of course. I love you. But, I don't need you.

Good luck as I wish the BEST FOR YOU. I know I AM THE BEST FOR YOU. Not my opinion, but others. You couldn't see it, so GOOD LUCK TO YOU.



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