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The pastor's son

It was crazy how we met.I was a dancer and he was practicing for a church play at his church. When i first saw him i didnt really pay attention to him.But then when i really looked at him i was like wow he looks madd gud..So of course i tried to b cute for the rest of the night while i was dancing..LOL thinking that he was looking at me.Idk if he was but...Yeah after rehearsal was done finally done hisz mother dropped me off n i got hisz number.I spoke to him n he wasz so nice. Mind you he is 15 i told him i was 14 but im really when we went further in our lil thing we had goin on..i finally told him..oh by the way did i tell you he asked me to b his girl when we were texting..... So when i finally told him my real age he was like "Wow y didnt you tell me this before". i thought he was gonna bug out but he didnt..To make a long story short i really started to like him. i been talkin to him everyday for the last couple of weeks.He makes me feel so special..I feel i can be myself when im around him and when im with him its just a feeling that im gettin.I've never felt that way before..i really think im fallin in luvv with the Pastor's Son.


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