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You know that girl you like? Well, she likes you too. A week or so after your birthday you'll find that out -- she'll kiss you. It'll be that first kiss that you wanted from her, and it'll be the first time you REALLY kiss someone. She'll tell you that she loves you, you'll tell her the same, and then you'll screw everything up in the weeks following. You'll ignore, reject, and hurt her. Don't. Don't even make out with her that night...she'll ask if she can kiss you -- say yes, but don't let it get further than just a gentle kiss. Save it. And when she asks you out, don't reject her. Say yes, because you know you like her -- don't be scared of commitment, don't be scared about what your friends will think, don't be scared about your school knowing that you're bisexual. Next year you won't care and you'll wish that you had said yes to her. You'll wish that you hadn't hurt her.

She is going to go in the wrong direction if you reject her. She's going to loose her virginity at only 16 to a guy who is only using her. She turned to him because he was welcoming -- he just wanted someone who was easy to take advantage of and she was weak from rejection. Because YOU didn't provide her with the love she craved, she fell in love with a guy who does nothing but hurt her. He lies to her. He doesn't even love her. He's a player. She is going to become a druggie. She is going to get addicted to pot.

And you are going to hate yourself. Keep her, hold her, take things slow and love her, because you DO love her, and if you don't tell her now you might never get the chance to tell her.


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