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Challenge vs true love

You and I were never meant to be.

I noticed you the other day. After such a long time, I waited for you. But, when I noticed you the other day, those feelings I used to have for you didn't reappear. I didn't get nervous, I didn't even really think much except for "get the hell out of here, now!!!"

I now realize you never really meant what I had always thought you meant to me. Now I laugh and realize you that deep inside, you really mean nothing. I laugh because I wasted so much time on trying to prove to you.....blah, blah, blah, blah......ughhhhhh....

I see your latest attempts---please, "get lost..."

You had your chance. I guess (at that time,) you thought you were too good. Well baby, I didn't realize it "then," but I know I am way too good for you. I finally realized it, not by what others have been telling me, but just the feelings that "disappeared," when I noticed you. I noticed you and wanted to run so faraway, as fast as I could.

I wish the best for you (sincerely).

I thought I did love you. But after noticing you and how I wanted to leave once I noticed you. That made me realize... My good friends were right. You weren't love to me. You were just a challenge. A challenge I have never been exposed to before.

Lol. How funny life is. I guess there really is a difference between a "challenge," and "true love." I haven't found the one I will fall for yet, but at least I know now that you really weren't everything I thought you were. I'm not saying you're not a good catch, but I now realize, you're not what I define as "a good catch." I realize not as good enough as I deserve.
You're a good one. You're confident (huge turn-on), but too arrogant (huge turn-off). You can tell you do have a heart in there somewhere (damn good lover for sure ;)). You have a ton of money. You have everything all the golddiggers want. But yet, you want it all. You want money, fame and true love. Now you're coming back with your attempts. I am just a challenge to ya darlin, probably because I am the only one telling you "no." But you were a challenge to me, because you were the only one I actually felt something with. Or........ I thought I did.

Everyone used to be right..

......................... Now I am right.

I wish you the best. You deserve to be happy and find everything you want out there. Most importnatly....

So do I.

Ba bye and leave me alone. I don't want you as a part of my life anymore.

Bye. ;)

The best to you ;)


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