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Quit smoking

I know that you will be ashamed to tell everyone at school that you are pregnant. i know that you will try to hide it. relax. You will start to quit smoking. DONT JUST START! QUIT! when you think you want to show your classmates your baby's sonogram... DO! sit at the front of the bus, instead of the back. dont be ashamed to tell everyone that the father is five years older than you. you marry him. THE DOCTOR is wrong. you are much further along than you thought. your baby will be a boy born still at six months. you will name him kaden. I URGE you to completely stop smoking and to go to the doctor when you start having the bad dreams. DO NOT put any stress on that baby. do not do anything that could cause any stress to either of you. the life you carry will affect both mother and father forever. dont blame yourself, tho. he was tangled in the umbilical cord. I dont know if it could have been avoided. three years after you loose him and two years after you are married to his father... YOU WILL BE A MOMMY.


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