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I instantly knew

Met the "one." Knew something was odd the moment I saw him.
I did everything to screw it up as I couldn't realize that"love and honesty," is "really out there." I love you darlin. You scared me to death. You still do. The difference is now is that I realize it's because I instantly knew and I just couldn't believe everything I'd hoped to find one day was "right there," right in front of me. Never been so lucky in my life.

You're not a part of my life now and I know it was all because of "my mistakes." I have so many opportunities but none of them could even compare to "you."

I think about you every day and it bugs. I just sometimes wish (since you're not here), that I never met you. Because , at this present time............ I still love you and it just kills me inside to know that I was too stubborn and stupid to let you know how I really felt. How I really feel.

I love you. I still vision you. Remember everything about you. Everything. You devastated me. You still do. I still know that I still Love You.


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