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School dance

I met him at school I really hated him His name I was D.S. I didnít think that me and him would be together I wasnít going to give him a chance but I did then we just started seeing each other and i really started to like him and he use to tell me things like he would never cheat on me and then he would always tell me how much he loved me i was so happy and things couldnít get better, I was pretty much wrong things got way better I really started to love him I couldnít believed it I was the one saying to people that they donít know what love is oh but I said I loved him he said it back I thought everything was going good then bam everything went down the hill we were arguing he worked so much I didnít see him for like 3 weeks at a time he knew I was upset one day and he got off work early and came a seen me I was so happy it made everything better but not really then a week later there was a school dance and he kind of was mad about that I didnít ask him to come but I didnít even know he wanted to before he would say it was gay then I went it wasnít even fun I didnít grind like any guys or nothing I just danced with my girls the next night he got so mad because he was hearing stuff about me he was being so mean he wouldnít even tell me about it so what I am trying to say is that I want him back but how do I tell him or something?


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