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Changing the past

If I could go back in time, I think there are a million things I would change. One thing being the main change.

Infatuation : a foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration
puppy love: temporary love of an adolescent
an object of extravagant short-lived passion

Infatuation messed a lot of things up for me. I lost the love of my life and had a child at 15 years old. I finished school and am now a college student and back with the love of my life. But one other person made things more difficult than they had to be. I will never forgive myself or that person but they say time heals everything.

I would want to go back in time and warn myself about the person and make sure I knew the difference between love and infatuation. I love my little girl and I would not want to change that but the person I had her with I would. I honestly believe my little girl saved my life. I was on a path of distruction and heading down the wrong road. Everything was a constant party, I was a cutter, and did not give a crap about what happend to me.

So I see my daughter as a blessing, a life saver, and as my angel. So the only thing I would change is the person I had her with. I would not change the time frame or anything.

Thats what I would change if I could go back in time.


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