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Older self

hey gurl its the older version or yourself theres somethings that i need to tell you mmkay?
all of this is going to be a shock im sure but please listen because its all true.
ok first of all you know everything that you and mom go through? i want to tell you that you will get through it before i tell you anymore i want you to know that your stronger than you think you are ok?
well theres going to be this boy named billy that emma will inroduce you to don't go out with him ok?
hes going to be really persistante hes going to want to c you alot we know that you give n easily but please this will be the worst desision of your life he'll take your virginity n you'll change you might not think its for the worst but it really is..also stay n school no matter what it takes no matter how you have to get there because your going to end up someplace you don't want to be if you don't and your very smart even if you dont think so but everyone else can also keep drawing it is something that will go away over the years and never stop reading
theres going to be this boy named josh and hes going to be off you give him a chance ok hes a nice boy really
n don't leave him after the accident ok?
wait a little bit..
finally to kyle
he'll be the best thing thats ever happend to you don't mess it up how ever much you don't think that your hurting him and however much you dont think that he cares god he does and you all love each other so much but if you hurt him like that then you all will be nothing at all this you will regret please dont mess it up
ok your going to have a little brother and two more little sisters you will find out about the others just take it in strides ok? remember you are stronger than you think you are also rich is not your real father hes also a peice of crap so dont get involved with him
n your parents are going to do some really bad stuff your whole familys going to be ripped apart but you have to hang on it you stilll have kyle then you will make it through just make sure you and courtney are always close no matter what don't leave her don't forget her and most of all never think that your alown of that your forgotten about because you have so many people that love you don't let the way mom and dad made you push people away? you are not a bad person you are a good person theres so much that you can do but you just dont kno it. most of all love yourself please beleave n yourself and be smarter don't ever lose yourself or your life over a boy. n the end whos the only person you can depend on??????
please do all of these things
your life will be so much better
you kno if i had known then what i know now my life would be so much better
your older self


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