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My first heartache

Our story goes like this.We were both in elementary when i first met him.He was just an ordinary boy whom really catches my attention.At that time he is obliged to teach me how to read because of our teachers request. I find him intelligent and very patient on me, we became friends. I just dont know when it started but i just find myself falling for him,hoping that he would love me.But that was just a dream.Then time comes that he would always bully me until i cry,thats why we became enemies.Then after sometime he become kind again so we get along well,i thought he was falling for me too,but then again i was wrong..It was too late when i found out that he made a deal with his friends which states that he would make me fall for him. Damn,he was really a fool to do such crazy act on me.Poor me, for i let myself be fooled by him.After that he never tried to speak to me.It was so sad spending each day looking at him but cannot be able to talk to him.That was the end,the sad story of my first love,my first heartache..


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