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Last dance

Sup little girl!

Though you're 13 and you think that relationships are everything to you. But trust me, that's for when you older. No matter what other people say. Remember the current boy you fancy? You met him in a Form Rep meeting right? And he was nice to you...and remember your friend that told you 'everything' about him? You believed her and hoped theres a chance with him right?

But in the end. He will turn out to be a joke. The first party you'll go to...and you will write a note to him, asking him to that last dance because you're scared to ask him to his face. But it turned out to be laughs and most of the male population against you in your year. I known that, I've been there. And at the party, he'll break it. With the ladt dance music haunting you for a few months or so.

So if you're in a sticky mess now...get yourself out before it's too late. Never go to a party from a girl who is 'nice' to you as a plan to be with him. And Never ask him for the last dance.


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