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ok well one of my really good friends hooked me and this really great guy up. (at least i think so). but yea anyway, we've dated twice already. he was my second true love. i love him just as much as i liked my first. everything that i do reminds me of him.EVERYTHING. in school, i cant take my eyes off of him. he's totally georgeous and has a really big heart...but then again, he can be a really big jerk. he flirts so much its unnormal. i know that every boy/man flirts,but his is so bad! oh and the most recent time we have dated, a different friend got us back together and said we was soooooo cute!everything was great, except for the fact that him and her almost live right beside each other! They flirt so bad! all the time...yes,right in front of me. messed up huh?..well yea anyways, she broke us up. um she decided to wait and tell me that she is in "love" with him when me and him was dating! i was very mad at her. she should've told me b4 i started dating him to save me trouble. but of course, she's a selfish,lien, backstabber. i promise and swear that im not sayin that because of jeolousy..just because it's the truth. well him and her remain best friends and hang out every day. after i sacroficed the love of my life and broke up with him, she asks him out the very same night!i guess my whole point is that i need help on judging who sounds like the wrong person in the situation.

please help!
thx so much! its very much appreciated!

[RomanceClass: this is not the right place to ask questions but I will quickly say that you are *not* in the wrong]


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