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Never lie

Never Lie To Someone.
I Lied He Thought I Was Someone I Wasnt And I Picked His Mate Over Him When He Was The One Who Was There For Me All Along and he forgave me. Now He Hates Me. I Cant Get Any Of This Out Of My Mind :-( I Dont Even Know If We Liked Each Other That Much Because He Never Addmitted It To Me Before But His Friend Did But His Friend Was The One That Dicthed Me ANd i Didnt Like Him Till After. But The Boy Still Spoke To Me And I Miss Him So Much BUt He Hates Me I Think And Im Afraid To Say Anything to him because he gets angry sometimes. But I start writing messages to him but never end up sending them. he doesnnt live near me which is good in some ways because i wont bump into him. I no i shouldnt of lied but some of the things him and his mate said are really hurtful.
I only said i was someone else because i was ashamed of who i was. But i just ended up likeing him loads and he was all i ever thought about... i never even told him i liked him till after. he always said he liked other girls to me. but after he said he liked me before :S
but alll i ever said that i liked his mate which i shouldnt of cos his mate was evil ha. just basically never liiiiie


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