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Follow your heart

Follow your heart.
Forgive, don't necessarily forgot.
Be aware that some people have become a part of your life to do nothing more than cause you emotional pain.
Try and forget about her.

Relax! Life can get hectic, but thats life, don't stress the small things.
Being a virgin is Not the end of the world! Infact, Stay a virgin!

Stay true to who you really are.
Wear your heart on your sleeve.
You will receive negative feedback and influence from other. Don't let that change who you are.

Tell the people you care for most how you feel.
Love deeply.

Don't let lousy situations drag you down, it's only for the time being.

Material things are exactly that, "things". Some of the most important things in life don't cost a pennie.

When you're going through rough times and feeling painful, keep your head up.
The more pain you feel emotionally, the more you will eventually grow spiritually.

Have faith.


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