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Cold, bitter world

You did well until your family left. They are in heaven, you're in hell. I wish I was dead right now. Only thing keeping me in this "alive hell," is the most important one
in my life. The only reason. This life is full of pain. You love, you learn, you lose. How true those words are. I never
learned to love the significant other and now I sit here wondering if I ever had known one, would I feel like dying now?

Not to be negative; but truthful. This life they call life is nothing full of shit. It doesn't matter how hard you try, how kind you are. The minute you are born, you're life is planned for you. Not one to feel "sorry for myself," but
after years of shit you wonder where the curse came from. All the good you do, all the kindless of love you give, doesn't come back to you, just turns you bitter after a time. Well, if I don't leave tonight, then the next thing is to act like the rest of the cold, bitter world. Then I guess I'll succeed in every endeavor I desire.


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