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come to terms with reality and STOP WASTING YOUR TIME

You should have said something back then.

You loved him the minute you saw him, didn't you, little girl? The minute he walked into music theory class and took that seat across from you and your eyes met and you thought "I'd like to get to know this boy better". You remember how he used to stare at you from across the classroom, and look away as soon as you looked at him.

Remember that first party? That, dear child, is when you should have spoken. That is when you realized that you loved him. Even the party after the Gregory Walker concert would have been a good time to say something.

But your energy's pretty intense, little girl. Not many men can handle that. He couldn't. It scared him, so he shut you out.

And you spent a whole YEAR wishing you could speak up, wishing, maybe, that suddenly he'd start to reciprocate your feelings. You can't get that time back. You can't get all those feelings you wasted on someone who would never love you back.

But you can change right now. Let him go. In a few years he'll realize what he let go and you will be with someone who can handle your intensity, someone who you will love completely, someone who you will love completely and that boy will only be a distant memory.

Until then, kindly come to terms with reality and STOP WASTING YOUR TIME.


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