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You try every day to stay positive

You sit here feeling sorry for yourself, but yet you're not.

How many people would give a shit if you died today? One, maybe two. One being your son, the other Sam. Your dog would be the only one who would never forget you. Eventually your son would find his own way.

You live to make others happy, which always fails. It makes you feel good inside to help, but after awhile, everyone just wants more and noone turns out to genuinely happy.

You won't let anyone love you, because you are used to not being loved.

You lost your faith such a long time ago. There is no such such as faith, no matter how much you pray and try.

You could have been so much more than you are now. What happened to you? So successful at one time until the others just finally won. You just finally gave up.

Why are you still around to be tortured like this everyday? Is this a liveable hell or could it be really ever be worse on the other side?

You try every day to stay positive, but all the others are so unhappy they finally rub on you and they succeed to their dreary little attempts.

No sense in crying anymore, no sense in wondering why. I have finally done it to myself, only because I finally let everyone who wanted to pull me down, succeed.

All I want to know now, is why? Why did I fail? Why am I still around? I see no reason to stay in this hell hole, yet I am still here.

The only one that I love to no end, has no idea. I won't let him know, because he woudln't give a shit anyways. He has no clue, yet all I know he is no different from anyone else.

Yes, life is short. Maybe there is a reason behind it all.
Time passes so quickiy, but the thing the want you the most seems to not even matter.

Happiness. Is there really such a thing?


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